Why Have a Mailbox with Balthorne


Having your mail sent to a Balthorne Mail Centers offers you a polished image for your business, whether you work from home or manage multiple businesses.

A mailbox from Balthorne offers a mail or parcel receiving solution to meet almost every need. If you’re a frequent buyer of goods online, you can rent a mailbox, arrange for your purchases to be delivered to your mailbox address and we’ll sign for your deliveries, meaning you do not need to take time off work.

Are you out of the office or do you travel regularly?
You don’t have to worry about packages being returned or left on your doorstep. With a Balthorne mailbox we receive your post, sign for packages from any carrier, and hold them in a secure location for pickup at your convenience. Or we can forward your mail to any address in the world.

Do you have a temporary address?
We can provide you with a more permanent base for your important mail and forward mail to you as required.

Do you live in shared accommodation?
Avoid the risk of mail and packages going missing in ‘halls of residence’ with your own secure mailbox located at your local Balthorne Mail Centre.

 Are you moving abroad but want to maintain a base in the UK?
We offer you an alternative for any business or personal correspondence. We will collate your post and forward it to you wherever you have moved to.

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